Alumni Executive Council Conference Call Minutes

August 15, 2016


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I. Roll Call (Neil)
II. Review of the Mission Scope (Ed and Kim)
III. Action Steps (Kim, Mark and Amy)
IV. Premise and Content Discussed (Kim, Mark and Amy)
V. Vote (Neil)
VI. Next Steps (Ed)

Mr. Forbes called the meeting to order at 8:01 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 15.

Mr. Chatterjee called the roll and confirmed that a quorum was present for the conduct of business.

Mr. Forbes and Ms. Hissong reviewed the scope and charge of the Mission Working Group and thanked Amy Pollard Faulkner and Mark Taylor for their service in leading the group, which consisted of Paul Danielson, Janet Hunt Williams, J. Brendan McLaughlin, Daniel G. Lee and Tracy Dana.

Mark, Amy and Kim addressed the action and content:

The action led by Mark and Amy and the process to create the mission statement was reviewed: a working group was formed and many derivations of the mission were suggested, reviewed, edited with frequent communication and collaboration with the working group, Tom, Kim and others at SLU, officers and committee chair and the full AEC. It was important to obtain input and careful consideration from everyone.

The premise was that the mission needed to be broad enough to adapt to changing priorities at SLU yet specific enough to give direction to AEC. Also it was important that an external audience could understand the mission. The content was reviewed thoroughly for ways to make the text more efficient and clear.

The proposed mission statement was then reviewed:

St. Lawrence University’s Alumni Executive Council (AEC) is elected to serve the University as ambassadors, advocates, and leaders, promoting the University’s mission and points of pride, lending a voice to the stories that demonstrate the tenets of being a Laurentian for Life, and serving as a consulting body. The Alumni Executive Council works in partnership with the University Advancement division and other University departments to support the recruitment, engagement, and philanthropic efforts of the University through programs, communications, and special initiatives that benefit every Laurentian.

Heidi Hansen asked several questions, two in reference to the Aug. 15 memo from Tom Pynchon, Vice President of University Advancement. Mr. Pynchon referred to the SLU Connects Program and to the Laurentian Lead concept; Ms. Hissong clarified the definitions and purposes of those to Ms. Hansen. Ms. Hansen also asked why the draft mission statement did not include explicit language about the Council's obligations to serve alumni. Ms. Dana responded on behalf of the working group that "every Laurentian" was selected because that phrase conveyed the inclusive nature of the Council's approach to its work and relationship with St. Lawrence.

Dan Posener asked if the Council had previously had a mission statement. Mr. Forbes and Ms. Hissong clarified that the Council had previous operated in the context of the purpose set forth in the Alumni Association constitution, which calls for the Association to be of service to the University.

Lori Bantz said that she felt the Alumni Association purpose statement lent good context to the Council's mission statement and that the new statement was a good next step for the Council.

Bob Rood applauded the new mission statement and said that it filled a void and afforded the Council with new opportunity as it considers its work.

Resolution 16-04 was then put to the floor on a motion from Ms. Bantz and a second from Ms. MacBrayne.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Alumni Executive Council adopted the mission statement as crafted by the Mission Working Group.

The mission statement was adopted in a unanimous roll-call vote.

Mr. Taylor and Ms. Faulkner moderated several additional questions.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.