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  1. An open laptop sits upon a large conference table in a renovated library space. There's a large projector screen in the background.

    Infrastructure Investments Spark Innovation for Fall Instruction

    While St. Lawrence University faculty members spent their summers adapting their curriculum to a new classroom dynamic, investments in cutting-edge education technology allowed them to explore solutions to remote and hybrid learning for the upcoming semester.

  2. Professor Liz Regosin sits at the head of a discussion table, leading a conversation among her students.

    No Matter the Modality, Humanity is in the Pedagogy

    In history professor Liz Regosin's community-based learning course, students of differing backgrounds share their first-hand experiences to contextualize course material and tell a story. Today, the humanizing nature of storytelling at the heart of her pedagogy is more vital than ever.

  3. A student stands at a whiteboard at the front of the class explaining a math formula to their audience.

    Disrupting an Ancient Discipline

    When the pandemic disrupted math professor Dan Look's usual approach to teaching, he saw an opportunity to reimagine his curriculum with creative solutions to remote learning.

  4. Professor Ana Estevez, wearing surgical globes, holds a test tube while standing in her lab.

    The Nematode Dilemma: Experimenting with Virtual Labs

    What do science labs look like in a COVID-19 world? Faculty members like Associate Professor of Biology and Psychology Ana Estevez are finding creative solutions to prepare for the upcoming academic year.

  5. Two students sit at a large conference table in a windowed vestibule in the library.

    Reimagining Creative Expression at the Virtual Conference Table

    Throughout the transition to remote learning, Professor of English and Department Chair Paul Graham '99 has emphasized the importance of creative expression and community support in moments of great uncertainty.

  6. Clay peppers and a clay bowl sit atop a wood cutting board with other tools and kitchen prep items behind them.

    Flexibility, Creativity, Community: The Art of Remote Learning

    When Cece Rooney ‘20 left campus before Spring Break, she was prepared for at least one of the unknowns thanks to a 25-pound contingency plan—a fresh block of clay.