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You will find many opportunities as a First Year student to get engaged on campus, including taking on leadership roles in the first few weeks of the semester.

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Bradley R. Evers Outstanding First-Year Student Awards

First-Year College Representatives

Each first-year college elects two representatives to the First-Year Council, as well as the student senate, the governing body of SLU’s student government, the Thelomathesian Society. These students provide leadership within the college, as well as outside of it. For college planning, or when it is necessary to discuss college issues, faculty and staff work with these students, as well as others who are interested, to plan programs, college-wide discussions and social activities.

First Year Community Assistant Programming

Programs are designed and implemented in residence halls to educate, build community, and promote growth and development in the following areas: academic/intellectual, social/community development, physical, emotional/psychological, spiritual, career, safety/security, leadership/community service and diversity/multiculturalism.

Colleges are encouraged to plan co-curricular programs — those that explore the relevance of ideas from the college’s course to the residential lives of students. They generally address ideas that cannot be fully developed in class but that continue to be of interest to students. When appropriate, colleges plan these events with other FYP colleges or organizations on campus.

First-Year Cup


Outdoor Program

Varsity Sports

Volunteer Services

William O'Brien First-Year Research Prizes