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LRC - Writing Centers

The LRC is the location for the Spanish, French German French Writing Centers, and a place where students can come work or hang out.

The Writing Center offers both appointments and walk-in sessions for students. To reserve an appointment click here.

Hours of Operation:  

  • Spanish and French Writing Centers: Sundays through Wednesdays from 7 pm to 10 pm
  • German Writing Center: Sundays & Tuesdays from 8 pm to 10 pm.

Spanish Writing Center:  Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Steven White

  • Kenneth Adames Ramos (Director)
  • Mauricio Montes
  • Emily Keenan
  • Learitza Torres
  • Eugenia Leon Canseco
  • Brenda Rubio Estrada
Day Working tutor On call
Sunday Eugenia Leon Canseco & Kenneth Adames Ramos Brenda Rubio Estrada
Monday Emily Keenan (7 to 8) & Mauricio Montes (9 to 10) Mauricio & Emily & Leah
Tuesday Brenda Rubio Estrada Kenneth & Mauricio
Wednesday    Mauricio Montes (7 to 8) & Learitza Torres (8 to 10) Mauricio & Emily & Leah

French Writing Center: Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Eloise Brezault

  • Olivia Leinhart (Director)
  • Aida Gueye
  • Tanner McCaskie
  • Grace Vensel
Day Working tutor On call
Sunday Tanner McCaskie Aida Gueye
Monday Olivia Leinhart   Grace Vensel 
Tuesday Aida Gueye Olivia Leinhart
Wednesday    Grace Vensel Tanner McCaskie

German Writing Center: Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Brook Henkel

  • Brendan Reilly (Director)
  • Heinrich Salzmann
Day Working tutor On call
Sunday Heinrich Salzmann Brendan Reilly  
Tuesday Brendan Reilly   Heinrich Salzmann  

Tutoring Session Report: Please complete a separate copy of this form for EACH student you are tutoring.