Pre-Orientation Schedule | St. Lawrence University International Student Services

Pre-Orientation Schedule

The International Student Pre-Orientation program is designed to provide incoming international students with opportunities to meet each other as well as returning international students, learn about studying in the US, learn about being an international student at St. Lawrence, understand how to maintain their status as an F-1 or J-1 student, and learn other essential information.

Pre-Orientation is required of all international students who are new to St. Lawrence University. Dates are provided below for your reference in planning travel to campus.This schedule is subject change with notice.

Tentative Dates for 2020 orentation (international and regular)

Spring 2020 orientation: Saturday, Jan 11 to Tuesday, Jan 14

Saturday, January 11 to Sunday, January 12: Arrival window for international students. Please submit your arrival form by January 3rd the latest.

Sunday, January 12: International Orientation begins at 1.00pm

Monday, January 13: International Orientation ends at 3.00pm

Monday, January 13 – 14: Regular orientation begins at 3.00 pm on Monday and ends on Tuesday

Wednesday, January 15: First Day of Classes

Academic Calendar 

Fall 2020 orientation: Wednesday, August 19 to Sunday, August 23