Confidentiality and Privacy:

The clinical information contained in the medical record has been entrusted to us by our patients. This information is highly sensitive and requires thoughtful and attentive management by those who have access to it. The Student Health  and Counseling Center staff is committed to protecting our clients rights to privacy and safeguarding the clinical information contained in their medical records. Medical records may not be released to anyone (including but not limited to employers, insurance companies, relatives or friends) without the written consent of the patient or when required by law. Individual Rights In Regard To Protected Health Information:

Individuals have:

  • The right to receive a written notice of information practices from the Student Health Center.
  • The right to access their own health information, including a right to inspect and obtain a copy of the information
  • The right to request amendment or correction of protected health information that is inaccurate or incomplete

Also, the right to receive an accounting (audit trail) of instances when protected health information has been disclosed for purposes other than treatment, payment and health care operations. (Health care operations include activities such as quality assurance, utilization review, credentialing, insurance rating for individuals enrolled in a health plan, and other activities related to ensuring appropriate treatment and payment for care. It does not include marketing or the sale of protected health information.)