Environmental Studies Major | St. Lawrence University Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies Major

The stand-alone major (B.A.) serves students who wish to concentrate their efforts in environmental studies. This major is tailored to individual interests, as well as the integrative, interdisciplinary approaches of environmental studies.

Requirements (current students: please refer to this list, not APR, for your planning)

  • 1 unit     101. Introduction to Environmental Studies      
  • 4 units    Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) courses
  • 1 unit      Nature/Society (N/S) course
  • 1 unit      Natural Science dual-listed elective
  • 1 unit      Social Science/Humanities dual-listed elective             
  • 3 units    Electives listed as ENVS courses (may include additional ESP courses)                                                           
  • 11 units         Total

Certain restrictions apply to the stand-alone and all combined majors.