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Living Lab

The Living Lab (formerly the Ecological Sustainability Landscape) is a beautiful 110-acre tract of land located on Route 68 within the Village of Canton, less than 1 mile away from SLU's main campus; the map in the photo gallery at the right shows how the LL can be accessed via SLU's recreation trails. The site includes fields, forests, wetlands, and streams complete with a three-story house (the Wight House) and outbuildings. Several courses that cover topics such as agroecology and renewable energy utilize this living laboratory over the course of the year.

At the Wight House students have the opportunity to test and experiment with building materials and energy efficient technologies. The barn houses a small herd of sheep, and students can investigate organic gardening, farming, and integrated pest control in the LL's small garden. Past student research projects have resulted in the installation of a super energy-efficient demonstration window and new energy conserving lighting. A solar electric system has been designed and installed by SLU students with planning for a wind system on the drawing board. Other class projects have investigated environmentally friendly paints and products, beekeeping & honey production, and a composting toilet system. See the 'Faculty Collaborators' page for more details.