Environmental Studies | St. Lawrence University


The environment encompasses us all and what we do, and so it should be studied in an interdisciplinary fashion.  St. Lawrence’s program, one of the first in the country, does just that.  Students can major in environmental studies alone, or combine it with any of 11 disciplines, ranging from anthropology through chemistry to English and sociology.  

Students engage the complex nature of environmental problems through a careful examination of the interrelationships of both natural science and social systems.  Courses explore the holistic nature of environmental issues by analyzing environmental problems and their solutions.  In addition, the environment that surrounds the University invites study; most of our 1,000-acre campus, and much of the surrounding region, including the department’s 100-acre Living Laboratory, is your study site.  

Students can obtain a bachelor’s degree in either art or science, depending on your interests, so you can tailor your career options.