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Literary Studies

Major Requirements

A minimum of 10 semester units in English:*

  • Five courses at the 100, 200, or 3000 level, to include ENG 250 and four other introductory courses (one of which may be in creative writing).
  • *Students matriculating in 2019 or after must complete one of the following literary surveys: British Literature I or II (225 or 226), American Literature I or II (237 or 238), Adirondack LIterature (231), or African American Literature (230).
  • Five courses at the 300, 400, or 4000 level,  with no more than two courses from any one of the Studies rubrics:  These five courses must include a Senior Seminar (ENG 450).

    Studies Rubrics for 300 and 4000-Level Courses

    Applied Theory Studies (AT)

    These courses provide advanced practice of some of the literary theories studied at the 200 level. Students develop an increased sophistication with the creative dimensions of literary criticism, and the critical dimensions of creative writing. Prerequisite: ENG 250.

    Author Studies (AS)

    These courses offer close analysis of the literary craft as practiced by specific authors. Study focuses on creative concerns such as voice, aesthetics, style, recurring themes, milieu, influence and rhetorical design. Prerequisite: ENG 250.

    Genre Studies (GS)

    These courses examine the evolution, definition and practice of specific literary genres and modes. While developing an understanding of the theoretical assumptions of those specific genres, students also consider factors influencing the popular reputations of the genres. In addition, the courses examine topics such as genre hybridity and anti-genre aesthetics. Prerequisite: ENG 250.

    Studies in Advanced Writing (AW)

    These courses develop advanced practice of the literary genres offered at the 200 level. Students work independently, with emphasis on craft, voice and style. Peer manuscript review, through workshops and other structures, sharpens students’ critical skills. The courses also study a range of model authors in the specific genre. Prerequisite: The 200-level introduction to the advanced genre.

    Studies in Literary Traditions (LT)

    These courses situate the study of literature within historical and ideological contexts. The establishment and development over time of literary traditions will be traced as students examine the relationship between social values, cultural currents and literary production. Prerequisite: ENG 250.

Minor Requirements

The English minor in literary studies requires ENG 250 (Methods of Critical Analysis); two literature courses at the 200, or 3000 level; and three literature courses at the 300, 400, or 4000 level.