Creative Writing

Major Requirements

A minimum of 10 courses:

  • Four courses at the 100, 200, or 3000 level: two must be introductory creative writing courses and two must be introductory literature courses.
  • ENG 250 Methods of Critical Analysis.
  • Four courses at the 300, 400, or 4000 level.  Two courses must be taken under the Studies in Advanced Writing (AW) rubric, with no more than two courses in any of the studies areas:  Advanced Writing (AW), Applied Theory (AT), Author Studies (AS), Genre Studies (GS) or Literary Traditions (LT).
  • ENG 450: SYE Senior Seminar

Minor Requirements

The English minor in creative writing requires English 250 (Methods of Critical Analysis); one literature course at the  100, 200, or 3000 level; three writing courses, one of which must be from the Studies in Advanced Writing (AW) rubric; and one literature course at the 300 or 400, or 4000 level.