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Mental Wellth at SLU

Virtual Mental Wellth Week 2020: April 13-17

SLU Virtual Mental "Wellth" Week - Yoga, Meditation, Exercise, Stress Management & Painting organized by Thelmo and activities sponsored by Student Organizations and Counseling Services! Mark your calendars for the week of April 13-17 and join via the Zoom links below.

Monday, April 13- Yoga with Isabella @ 11 AM EDT -

Tuesday, April 14- Meditation with Theresa Scott 3:00 PM EDT and 7:00PM EDT

Wednesday, April 15- Workout with the POWERHouse @ 2 PM EDT

Thursday, April 16- A video on Coping Strategies from Counseling Services:

Friday, April 17 - Painting with the performing arts collaborative @ 7 PM EDT