Q: What is Thelmo?

A: Thelmo, short for the Thelomathesian Society, is SLU’s student government

Q: What is the SLUSAF Contingency Fund?

A: The SLUSAF Contingency Fund is a fund designed as a reserve account to help fund unforeseen expenses (such as a guest lecture, or special conference) for groups on campus. The Contingency Fund is designed to be a last resort for funding when all other attempts at fundraising have been exhausted. All contingency request forms must be submitted by email (in a word document) to the Vice President of Senate Affairs and SLUSAF Central Treasurer. Requests need to be submitted by Sunday at noon for the next Thelomathesian Society meeting. 

Q:What does Thelmo do?

A: Thelmo conducts weekly meetings on Wednesday at 7pm in the Hannon Room on the 3rd floor of the student center. These meetings are open to the entire SLU community to attend. During these meetings we address common issues impacting the student body brought to us by Senators, administration, and the student body. We also vote on Contingency Fund requests made by clubs, additions and modifications to our Constitution, organizational statuses, and resolutions. Thelmo oftentimes sponsors initiatives on campus intended to improve students’ experiences on campus. 

Q: How do you become a Senator?

A: We take applications at the beginning of the semester. Once an application is submitted, the Senior Executive Board conducts interviews of prospective Thelmo members and decides on their placement.