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First Responder Training

SLU EMS relies on both trained EMTs and those who do not have EMT training, called First Responders. SLU EMS First Responders generally work in this position while they are training for their Emergency Medical Technician-Basic certification. We do, however, also employ First Responders who don't have the time to dedicate to an EMT program and would rather gain experience by working for us.

In either case, our First Responders are all provided training and certification in American Heart Association (AHA) Basic First Aid and AHA BLS CPR. They are then given further training to specifically assist the Emergency Medical Technicians with whom they work. Many of the skills that our First Responders are trained in are:

  • Taking Vital Signs, including Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate and Quality, Respiratory Rate and Quality, and determining Pupil Reactivity.
  • Applying Oxygen under the direction of an EMT, and assisting with appropriate Patient treatment.
  • Basic Bleeding Control.

The First Responder on-call at any given time is equipped with a pager, radio, and Initial Response Bag that is stocked to allow the First Responder to treat any life threatening conditions prior to the arrival of an Emergency Medical Technician. Like EMTs, First Responders are on-call 24/7 during the academic year, are issued Uniforms and ID Badges, and are required to attend Department trainings and meetings.

For more information about joining SLU EMS as a First Responder, please see the Join Us section.