Bicycle Information/Theft Prevention

Bike Theft Prevention Tips

1. Bicycle registration is FREE!  Register your bicycle with Safety and Security as soon as you bring it to campus. Complete bicycle registration on line.  A photo of the bicycle is required to complete the registration.  Please submit photo to or you may bring bicycle to Safety & Security to be photographed.  

2. Research shows that using U-Locks prevent  thefts better than cable locks. Cable locks can be cut very easily. U-Locks are available for purchase at Safety and Security.

3. Never lock a bicycle to itself or to any item that is not a permanent fixture. Always lock your bike to an available bicycle rack (located at all residence/academic halls)

4. Be sure to remove any items from your bike that can be taken: bags, computers, seats with quick releases, etc

Stolen Bicycles

Bicycles are stolen daily at college campuses across the United States. Bike thefts are not always preventable but you can reduce the opportunity for your bicycle to be stolen.

Bicycles are stolen as ways for others to get around campus and they are stolen to sell the parts and or the bikes as a whole. Bicycle theft prevention is the key element to keep criminals from taking your property.

At most college campuses the student body uses bicycles as their primary transportation to get around the campus.

Bicycles that are registered with the University have a better success rate at being recovered and returned to the owner by the permit sticker that is placed on the bike frame, and the bicycle identification numbers being stored at Safety and Security.

How to report a bicycle stolen

When you notice your bicycle has been stolen, immediately come to Safety and Security to file a report with any officer, day or night.  When filing a report, if your bike is NOT registered please provide the following information:

~ Make and model, color, accessories on the bike, the value of the bike, where and when the bike was last seen.

Student Bicycle Registration Information