Environmental Health and Safety

St. Lawrence University’s Commitment to Health and Safety Policy Statement

St. Lawrence is a diverse liberal arts learning community of inspiring faculty, serious students, accomplished alumni, and devoted employees guided by tradition and focused on the future.

The mission of St. Lawrence University is to provide an inspiring and demanding undergraduate education in the liberal arts to students selected for their seriousness of purpose and intellectual promise.

Unequivocal Commitment
Consistent with this mission, St. Lawrence University has an unequivocal commitment to the health and safety of its employees, students and the community in which we work, teach and live.

University and Individual Responsibility
Safety is everyone’s responsibility and is fostered at all levels at St. Lawrence University. In addition to our corporate social responsibility, each individual employee and student is trained to work safely and avoid placing themselves, co-workers, students, and the community at risk of harm. Each department has the responsibility for daily implementation of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) programs and the safety of employees and students. St. Lawrence University's senior leadership provides the resources, infrastructure, and expertise to develop and implement proactive, hazard-prevention EHS programs that are integrated into all aspects of the operation of the University.

Excellent Education, Safety Culture and Good Values
We believe that good values are fundamental to an excellent education and an exceptional safety culture. An effective EHS program reduces or eliminates occupational safety and environmental risks and nurtures a safety-oriented workplace.  Holding fast to the University's mission, we strive to equip our employees and students for current and future challenges through our commitment to safety and environmental integrity.