Safety Committee

Patrick Gagnon is the chair of the University Safety Committee which meets monthly. Members are appointed by the President to represent the campus community of students, faculty and staff. The Committee identifies and listens to safety concerns of the community, analyzes appropriate responses, and makes recommendations directly to the President and relevant campus departments. All members of the campus community are welcome to attend safety committee meetings in order to report safety concerns. Safety concerns can also be reported to the committee by  E-mail or by contacting any member of the safety committee.

Immediate safety concerns should be reported to Campus Safety and Security at 229-5555.

Meetings are held on the first Friday of each month September thru May.  It is requested that any new business to be added to the Agenda be forwarded to Susan C. Johnson no later than the Friday before the next meeting.  Requests for the Zoom meeting invitation may also be directed to Susan C. Johnson.

Most recent agenda

Report a safety hazard or make a safety suggestion here - Report Safety Hazard/Safety Suggestion Form.  Notify Safety and Security at (315) 229-5555 to report hazards immediately.

Winter Walking Safety Tips - Avoiding Slips and Falls

Minutes from past meetings

Committee Charge

Committee Members:

  Name      Title        Phone Extension

   Pat Gagnon        Assistant Vice President of Safety & Security and Emergency Management  5609

  William Ritchie  Capital Projects Manager,  5607

  Nick Ormasen    Executive Director of Business Services & EHS  5303

  Traci Grainger  Executive Director of Finance  5543

  Susan C. Johnson  Safety Committee Secretary, Assistant to the AVP of Safety & Security and Emergency Management  5010

  Bob Hance Facilities Operation , Associate Director  5601

  Jim Kozsan  Facilities Operations, Manager  5625

  Marcus Sherburne  Facilities Operations, Grounds Manager  5610

  Jill Pflugheber  Biology, Radiation Safety Officer  5645

  Stacie La Pierre  RLC & Housing, Asst Director  5250

  Tara Tent  Director of Counseling Services  5392

  Ethan Townsend Intercollegiate Athletics, Head Men's and Women's Nordic Skiing Coach  5530

  Noelle Black  Student Representative 

  Naomi Fernandez  Student Representative 

  Marsha Sawyer  Director, McNair Scholars Program and CSTEP

  Tim Kinch  General Laborer - Facilities Operations  5601

  Steve Richards  Receiving and Storage - Dining Services  5606

  Suna Stone-McMasters  Chemical Hygiene & Environmental Compliance Officer  5105

  Mary Charleston  Residence Life, Senior Secretary  5250

  Kasarian Dane  Associate Professor of Art & Art History  5189

  Sharmela Garcia-Martin  Director of Student Accessibility Services  5533

  Stacey Vassar  Coordinator of General and Organic Labs  5487

  Dean Manley Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator  5339

  Vacancy  Thelmo Representative