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Department Training

Agency Trainings and Meetings:

Continuing education is extremely important for SLU EMS because it ensures our patients are getting the best possible treatment. SLU EMS uses two different methods to provide our EMTs with in-house continuing education.

Our first method occurs at our bi-monthly meetings, where we communicate important updates and changes to our members about our Operations. We also conduct training at these meetings or occasionally will hold a training drill in lieu of a meeting. Some past topics for training have included Mass Casualty Incidents, Protocol Reviews, and additional training in the medications that we carry to treat various medical problems.

Our second approach to maintaining a high quality of care is through our Continuing Quality Assurance (CQI) Committee. The CQI Committee, consisting of EMTs and First Responders, meets on a weekly basis to review Pre-Hospital Care Reports (PCRs) completed by SLU EMS providers to ensure that there is adequate documentation of the treatment provided to our patients. The EMT who treated the patient then receives a copy of the review and must sign off that they have read and understand the recommendations made. These reviews are done while protecting the identity of the patient who was treated at that particular incident. As always, confidentiality is of utmost importance to SLU EMS.