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Public Health


Public Health is big. It’s global. It’s local. It’s access to healthcare and education. It’s vaccines and healthy food.   It’s cleaning up pollution. It’s justice. It’s human rights. It’s changing the world to prevent diseases from ever occurring. 

At St. Lawrence our public health minors come from departments all over campus, including anthropology, math, biology, environmental studies, performance and communication arts (PCA) and more. The minor offers more than 60 courses from 20 departments/programs. At St. Lawrence you don’t just learn about public health in a classroom, you will engage in public health in the real world. All public health minors complete an experiential learning component (ELC). From tracking Lyme disease in New England to researching maternal health in rural India, our students get to work on real public health issues.

Once you leave St. Lawrence, you can put your public health skills to work in a fast growing and important field.