Experiential Learning Component

Experiential Learning Component

The public health major requires students to carry out an experiential learning component (ELC). The ELC will provide students with an opportunity to gain public health experience that complements their coursework. Unless the experience is pre-approved (CBL courses below), students should receive approval in advance by the Public Health Coordinator AND complete an ELC Reflection Statement after the experience is complete.  Majors and Minors (excluding minors using the 2022 graduation requirements) must complete at least one of the following experiential learning options:

  • Take a Community Based Learning (CBL) course with a public health-related placement. Pre-approved courses include:

    • ANTH 3072: Medicine and Meaning w/ CBL
    • SOC 246: Aging and Society w/ CBL
    • PHIL 354: Bioethics w/CBL
    • PSYCH 413: Community Psychology w/CBL
    • PH 3016: Experiential Learning in PH w/CBL
  • Carry out public health-related research (summer or semester).
    • Independent Study (.5 of 1 unit)
    • SYE
  • Complete an internship relevant to public health
  • Complete an internship, research, or community-based component relevant to public health as part of an off-campus program.
    • Denmark Program
    • Kenya Semester IDS
    • London Program Internship
    • NYC Semester
    • CIIS Travel Grant

No additional credit is necessary to fulfill the ELC requirement.

It can be fulfilled with opportunities listed above or with an alternative public health-related experience. Alternatives must be approved in advance by the Public Health Program Coordinator. Alternative experiences should typically involve a minimum of 50 cumulative hours and be at least six weeks in duration.

Students are required to write an ELC Reflection Statement (400-500 words) on how the ELC relates to at least two PH Learning Goals (on the website) after completion of the experience. Students who fulfill the ELC with a pre-approved CBL course (listed above) do not have to submit an ELC Reflection Statement.