Purchasing Office Supplies

In collaboration with the NY6, the University has contracted with WB Mason for all office supply and paper purchases.  They deliver directly to each department on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays when school is in session.  A reduced schedule is in place during the summer and winter breaks.

An added feature with contracting with WB Mason is that any employee, staff or faculty, may now personally purchase at the same discounted rate that St Lawrence receives. 
Please contact Procurement to set up a personal account. 

Placing Orders
Orders may be placed through the Unimarket system using normal procedures.

A core set of the most commonly ordered items have been discounted significantly and it is recommending that you purchase within this set of items whenever possible.  In addition to the reduced pricing the University receive annual rebates based on the amount spent.  If you find a significantly lower price on a product from another vendor, please consult with Procurement to help determine the best value.

Each user is assigned their authorized budget codes to choose from when placing orders on the website.  Charges are billed directly to the University and will be posted to the budget account monthly.  Orders placed before the 23rd will be posted within the same month.

A request for an item to be returned can be made through the WB Mason website under the support tab.  It is important that the order and item number is included in the request.  Pickups will be made on the next scheduled delivery day.


  • Copier Paper:  Copier paper is funded by the Duplicating Center and delivered by WB Mason on the same schedule as office supplies.  The expense of the paper is included in the per page copier charge, and for this reason, it is important that copier paper be stored separately from printer and fax paper.  Copier paper may be ordered from WB Mason through the Unimarket system and should be charged to the copier paper budget code.
  • Printer, Fax, and Other Paper - Departments should order all paper that is not for a copier directly through W.B. Mason and charge it to their department budget code.

Water Coolers and Coffee
WB Mason also has discounted pricing on 5-gallon jugs of water and a free water cooler.  Green Mountain coffee is also discounted.  Department heads should be consulted before using University funds for these items.  Contact Procurement to order a water cooler.

Personal Purchases
WB Mason has extended the same discounted pricing to all faculty and staff for personal purchases.  This is an excellent value for purchasing back to school supplies and supplies such as paper for non-profit organizations you may be a part of.  Deliveries are made to the SLU department as part of the normal delivery schedule.  You must contact the Procurement Department to set up a separate personal account.  Purchases can be made using your credit card.

Additional questions or requests for assistance should be directed to the Procurement Department at procurement@stlawu.edu or x5908.