Sale and Disposal of University Property

No one has authority to sell anything owned by the University without written approval from the Director of Purchasing (up to $10,000 in original value) or the VP for Finance & Administration (over $10,000 in original value).  This excludes the Bookstore and other retail operations of the University.

Departments should notify the Purchasing Department of any surplus equipment no longer useful to their department.  If the Purchasing Department has no knowledge of other departments requiring such equipment the equipment will be transported to a storage facility.  Periodically, the Purchasing Department will offer these surplus items for sale at auction to the highest bidder or at their discretion to interested parties for fair market value.  For specialty items for the Purchasing Department may work with other departments on campus to find a buyer.

When requesting an item be sold of disposed of complete the Asset Disposal and Sale form and return to Purchasing.

If university property is deemed obsolete and unusable and/or unsellable it may be disposed of at the Purchasing Department/VP for Finance and Administration's discretion.