Minor Information

The Public Health Minor will equip students to advance health and well-being in a changing world. It aims to provide theoretical, methodological and practical tools that will allow students to critically examine local, regional, national and global health issues within the context of a liberal arts education. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of public health, the intellectual content of this minor draws on diverse contributions from the social sciences (anthropology, government, sociology), the humanities (PCA, history) and the sciences (biology, chemistry, psychology) as well as interdisciplinary studies (Global Studies, African Studies). In keeping with the scope of public health research, policy and practice, it provides training in qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods used in cutting-edge health and health services research.  In promoting an understanding of health and well-being that reaches beyond the traditional confines of biomedicine, the minor positions graduates to pursue health-related careers in a broad range of sectors and fields.