Capital Projects & Construction

The Facilities Operations group is committed to providing the University with physical spaces that meet the programmatic needs of the Campus Community. We are a team of professionals with backgrounds in project management, construction, budget management and project support activities who are responsible for the planning, design, construction and support services associated with infrastructure upgrades, new construction, renovations and preservation of existing campus assets.  In addition, each project is planned and executed with the desire to provide an environment that is aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.  Projects can be separated into two basic categories:

Annual Capital Projects
The Facilities team is responsible for submitting projects that address maintenance needs across campus and will often work with Academic and Administrative departments to identify and complete their project needs.  The Facilities group is responsible for understanding the programmatic needs of the project, identifying and creating the project scope, estimating, procuring resources and complete project management.  These projects typically involve building systems and/or infrastructure of existing spaces.  Annual capital projects are prioritized based on the urgency of the identified project and available funding each fiscal year.  Capital project submissions are due by October 15th for the following fiscal year.

Capital Construction
Capital construction projects involve long term investments, usually in major construction projects initiated by the University Administration.  These projects add value to the University infrastructure by providing new space that meets the need of our community under the University’s Strategic Plan and Campus Master Plan.  The Facilities team coordinates architectural services, project bidding, project administration and closeout.  Facilities staff also coordinates building occupancy, maintenance and preventative maintenance scheduling and continually monitors building performance.