Campus Interior Paint Policy

Over a period of time, the procedure in which facilities operations handles individual requests for painting maintenance or improvements has evolved into a situation that requires a review of the department’s policy.

It has become necessary to revise this procedure as a cost-containment measure. The purchase, handling, storage, and inventory of several accent paint colors are driving cost increases that we can no longer sustain.


Painting requests will be initiated as they have in the past. The request will be reviewed by a facilities representative to determine if the painting is a required maintenance issue. If the request is denied by facilities, the request may be re-introduced as a departmental charge.

Henceforth, the base paint color shall be Antique White, with the option of using one of five accent colors for a single wall and/or room trim (if desired).

Accent Colors (external links to paint vendor's webpage):

1) Green-Gray

2) Light Warm Gray

3) Powder Blue

4) Tan

5) Warm Gray

Click on the name of the color to see a color swatch. Note: colors may vary due to color printer variations. For exact color samples, please contact Facilities Operations at 315-229-5601.