Canadian Studies Major & Minor Requirements

Major Requirements

Under the Canadian studies combined major program, students fulfill all of the major requirements of one department in the social sciences or humanities, such as government or history. In addition, all Canadian studies combined major programs require the following courses:

101.         Introduction to Canada. (1 unit)
201.        Canadian-American Relations. (1 unit) and/or
202.        Quebec. (1 unit)
401.        Junior/Senior Seminar. or
479,480. SYE: Internship. or
489,490. SYE: Independent Project. or
498,499. SYE: Honors Thesis. (1 unit)
Electives from offerings in Canadian Studies in the various academic departments* (4 units)

Total: 7 units*

*Electives from the department offerings should be chosen partially from the electives in the departmental half of the student’s combined major. A combined major of up to 14 courses is thus possible. In no case may more than 16 courses be pursued for a combined major.

Minor Requirements

To minor in Canadian Studies, a student is required to take CNS 101, 201 or 202, and three courses on Canada from those offered by the several academic departments. The three elective courses must be approved by the chair of the Canadian Studies department.


Canadian Studies 3000.  Indigenous People of Canada

History 203.  Early Canada

History 204.  Modern Canada

Global Studies 264.  Global Public Health

Global Studies 3058.  Gender, Race and Class in Health Policy in the US and Canada

Government 325.  Canadian Politics