Canadian Studies Courses

101.                        Introduction to Canada.

A multidisciplinary seminar designed to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to Canada. The course stresses the basics of geography, history, economics, politics and culture. At the same time, it uses contemporary events and issues (such as ongoing debate over Canada’s constitutional and economic directions) to demonstrate the importance of geographic fact, historical frictions and political and cultural diversity to an understanding of the Canadian nation(s). Major consideration is given to the ways Canada is both similar to and different from the United States.

201.        Canadian–American Relations.

Examination of the economic, cultural, military and environmental aspects of the Canada-United States relationship, as well as of the public and private institutional arrangements involved in the maintenance of that relationship. Although the evolution of the Canadian-American interaction is dealt with, the emphasis is on the contemporary period. Prerequisite: CNS 101 or permission of the instructor. Also offered through Peace Studies.

202.        Québec.

This multidisciplinary seminar builds on Introduction to Canada by focusing on Québec from a variety of perspectives. A distinct society with French as its dominant language and culture, Québec is unique within North America. Its geography, history, culture, economics, politics and place in the Canadian Confederation are explored, as well as Québec’s presence on the world stage as a member of the Francophonie. Throughout, the French influence on the rest of North America is examined. Prerequisite: CNS 101.

401.        Junior/Senior Seminar.

This multidisciplinary seminar is offered periodically as capstone to the combined major or minor. Topics vary. Past offerings have included Canadian biography, the Group of Seven, Emily Carr, and Canada at 150. Prerequisite: CNS 101 or permission of instructor.

479, 480. SYE: Internship.

Prerequisite: permission of program director.

489, 490. SYE: Independent Project.

Prerequisite: permission of program director.

498, 499. SYE: Honors Thesis.

Prerequisite: permission of program director.

Plus offerings in several departments.