Waiver of Competition

After this form is submitted, it will be reviewed and kept on file by the Purchasing Department.  It is the department submitting this form's responsibility to inform their department's Vice President of the circumstances that limit competition for this purchase.

The University procures goods and services competitively whenever practicable. The purpose of this form is to record the reason that a purchasing cannot be made using a competitive process and to document compliance with St. Lawrence University Purchasing Procedures.  This form needs to be completed by the buying organization when a situation occurs in which competition is not possible or appropriate for purchases of goods or services in excess of $10,000 ($25,000 for Facilities contractors). Some situations that require the use of this form include the use of a sole source, or single acceptable source or service, and emergency situations. Purchases covered by an existing University contract which was competitively bid or this waiver was submitted previously do not need to complete this form. The buying organization should complete this form at the time the requisition is entered, or when a contract is submitted to Purchasing for review, whichever occurs first.

SOLE SOURCE: There is not another company that provides the required good or services.

EMERGENCY: An emergency is defined as a sudden unanticipated critical situation that is life threatening, catastrophic in nature, or involves pressing necessity for immediate repairs, reconstruction, or maintenance in order to permit the safe continuation of a necessary use or function, or to protect the property of the life, health, or safety of any person.

ECONOMIC: Use of another vendor would result in incompatibility with existing conditions; require considerable training, time and money to evaluate; the goods or services are being used in ongoing long-term projects; and/or the product/service offered is at a substantial discount below current market conditions and price structures (provide documentation detailing the cost benefits to the University).

Waiver of Competition

Reason for Sole Source