Employees Hired After October 1, 2019

We have selected Christopherson Business Travel as our new travel management company. Through this new partnership, you now have access to Christopherson’s technology platform, AirPortal. The tools in AirPortal will allow you to book your travel and securely manage all your business travel needs.

Fill Out Your Travel Profile

Please complete your travel profile by using the following link - https://legacy.cbtravel.com/business/profile/stlawrence/ In your profile, you can securely save travel program memberships, preferences, and passport information. In order to comply with TSA requirements, please enter your name exactly as it appears on your driver’s license or passport. Each profile must have a unique email. It is not possible to use the same email address for more than one profile. After your profile has been submitted, you will receive an email from our Christopherson Account Manager, with a link to access AirPortal.

Getting Familiar With AirPortal

Once in AirPortal, you will see your traveler dashboard called My Travel, which provides the following online tools:

  • Book Travel - Booking options are available from the main menu
  • My Trips - A list of all your itineraries for easy reference
  • Traveler Profile - View and/or update submitted profiles from these options
  • My Action Items - A work-to-zero tool to help you stay on top of trip approvals, missing hotels, etc.
  • Air Bank - A catalog of your unused airelinetickets to ensure use before expiration
  • Widgets - A customizable collection of widgets to show Travel History, Travel Spend, and more

Helpful Contacts

Account Management: 

Client Services 



 Full Service Travel Advisors: 

Advisor Team 



 Online Navigational Assistance for Concur: 

On-line Support Desk 

(888) 535-0179 


Info & Webinars

Please let us or our Christopherson Account Manager know if you have any questions or needs as you begin using AirPortal.