Creating Travel Expense Report


Log on to using the ID and Password provided by the Purchasing Office.

Click Review Transactions to Report in order to view transactions charged to the card during the current billing period which have not yet been attached to a travel expense report.

Click Create Expense Report to begin.

  • Step 1 requires entering a name and description for the expense report.
  • Step 2 requires attaching or deleting card transactions from the expense report.
  • Step 3 allows for reporting travel expenses paid with personal funds for which employees should be reimbursed. Personal expenses should not have been charged to the card, but if this has occurred, attach an out of pocket expense to the report with the description “Personal Charges.” Enter the amount as a negative and enter the same account to which the card transaction will be charged.
  • Step 4, all transactions will be shown with account codes displayed. Card transactions will contain the user’s primary cost center code, but this may be changed by either typing in a new cost center or selecting from a drop down box by clicking the symbol. The travel object code of 54500 will be prefilled, but may be changed if appropriate.

If the transaction should be charged to more than one account, click on Split and additional lines will be available. Enter the other cost center and/or object code to be charged and indicate whether the split should be by flat amount or percentage.

Any out of pocket expense may be permanently deleted or just removed from a particular moving expense report by clicking the line under the appropriate column.  Transactions charged to the card may only be removed from a particular travel expense report, not permanently deleted from the account.

The grand total to be charged to university expense accounts will be shown first and any amount to be reimbursed to the employee will be listed under this expense amount. Employees will be reimbursed for net out of pocket amounts within two weeks of submitting approved travel expense reports and will be notified by email when the reimbursement has been issued.

If the travel expense report reflects a negative reimbursement amount, the employee owes the university this amount and must remit payment to the Business Office. The remittance must indicate the date of the travel expense report to which it pertains.

Travel expense reports must be substantiated with original receipts and these may be attached to the report by clicking on Manage Receipts. PDF or other forms of receipts may be uploaded using the Browse function. Once all required receipts have been attached, click Done

Cardholders may use the functions listed at the bottom of the screen to print a copy of the report, save the report, or submit the report. A saved report may be completed and submitted at a later time. Once a report is completed, the cardholder should submit. A box indicating those authorized to approve your reports will be displayed. Click the person to approve this report and submit. That individual will receive an automatic email that a travel expense report has been submitted for their approval.

Saved expense reports may be accessed later by selecting In Progress under Manage Expense Reports from the CentreSuite Home Page.

Incomplete travel expense reports will be listed and the detail may be reviewed and modified by clicking on magnifying glass under Receipt.

Cardholders will receive an email notification from CentreSuite when their expense report has been approved or rejected.

For additional help and instructions regarding the CentreSuite system and travel expense reporting, users should access the HELP function listed along the top of the screen, or by contacting Purchasing Office.