Request of Continuation of Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval Form

If you have any questions or concerns about requesting a continuation of your IRB approval, please contact the chair, Dr. Cathy Crosby, at (315) 229-5167 or

Please Note: 

>> Be sure that you and all collaborators are up-to-date on your CITI training and have completed any necessary refresher courses.  Your request for continuation will not be accepted for consideration without up-to-date CITI training.

>> You must submit a safety plan as part of your request for continuation if you are collecting data in-person.  See below.  Please note that the PI no longer has to ensure that all collaborators have completed the COVID Safety training; you can ignore those statements on the webform.

>> Only use this form if you are requesting a continuation with no changes or minor changes

>> If you are making substantial changes to your project, you must submit a new proposal.  If you are unsure whether the changes are substantial, contact the IRB chair.

>> You may receive up to two (2) continuations.  At the end of the third year, you must submit a completion form and submit a new proposal if you wish to continue the project.

Fill in the information below and upload a Project Summary that includes each of the following:

  • The names of the PI and all current collaborators
  • The IRB Proposal Number
  • A brief summary of your project  (approximately one paragraph)
  • A safety plan for reducing the risk of infection for the researchers and participants, if data are to be collected in-person.  
  • An explanation of any changes to be made to the project as originally approved
  • Any new or revised materials (which may be submitted under Additional Documents).  Please note: if you are planning more than minor changes to your project, contact the IRB chair to determine whether you need to submit a new proposal rather than a continuation request
  • The number of participants accrued thus far
  • A summary of any adverse events or any unanticipated problems involving risk to participants or others and any withdrawals of participants from the research or complaints about the research since the last IRB review
  • Any other relevant information, especially information about risks associated with the research
  • An explanation of why a continuation is needed (i.e., a description of additional or continuing work that needs to be completed for the extension period)
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