Academic Affairs Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Action Plan

In the 2022, the Academic Affairs Division will lead the efforts of SLU’s faculty, staff, and students to ensure that the academic work of the University is oriented toward: 

  1. Cultivating an inclusive community; 
  1. Expanding and celebrating the diversity of our community in many forms; 
  1. Fostering the inclusion and development of all members of the community; 
  1. Infusing a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion across structures and programs; and 
  1. Helping individuals to connect across difference. 

To meet these goals, Academic Affairs will pursue the steps below: 

  1. Academic Affairs office and website—implement steps to ensure the public-facing representations of academic affairs as inclusive, welcoming, and supportive as possible of people from all backgrounds, and that images and text are representative of the community and its values. (Cultivate)  
  1. Classrooms and curriculum—starting in Fall 2021, all academic departments and programs have been asked to consider DEI learning goals within their majors/minors, and to report back by January 2022. Engagement and support of BLI initiative to consider anti-racist curricular reform (Infuse)  
  1. Faculty and staff hiring—steps to ensure the most diverse applicant pools possible and the diversification of the academic faculty and staff over time: (Expand)
  1. Implementation of bold recruitment efforts including assessment, support, and reinforcement of the Diversity Advocates Program.  
  1. Evaluation of the diversity of recent pools; organization of Diversity Advocates workshop, also to get feedback from the DAs. 
  1. Implementation of new immigration policy. 
  1. Exploration of ways to improve sense of inclusion by international faculty, starting with conversations with HR.  
  1. Ensuring that materials all candidates receive, and the interview process, are welcoming and inclusive. 
  1. Research to address staff diversity, including options for expanded remote hiring. 
  1. Consideration of expanding the North Country Ambassadors Program. 
  1. Enhancing understanding of the experience of students and colleagues.  Starting with the climate survey and then developing fuller picture along with steps for future action.  Fellowship lunches, employee resource groups, can augment focus groups from 2019, HERI and other survey data. (Foster/Connect)  
  1. Establish metrics to gauge progress, and identify who will be responsible for what actions and timeline.