Louis and Frances Maslow Award

The Maslow Award was established in 1980.  It is made annually to a member of the faculty who has shown "the most interest in and understanding of the education and welfare of the student body as a whole." 

Maslow Award Recipients

1981   Parker Marden (Dana Emeritus Professor of Sociology)
1982   Rita Goldberg (Emerita Professor of Modern Languages & Literatures)
1983   Al Schwartz (Professor of Environment Studies)
1984   Baylor Johnson (Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of Outdoor Studies)
1985   Ronald Hoffmann (Emeritus Professor of Sport and Leisure Studies)
1986   Joseph Kling (Professor of Government)
1987   Frank Whalen (Emeritus Associate Professor of Psychology)
1988   Robert Schwartz (Emeritus Associate Professor of History)
1989   Grant Cornwell (Professor of Philosophy and Vice President of the University and Dean of Academic Affairs)
1990   Darlene Hantzis (Assistant Professor and Dana Fellow of English)
1991   Eve Stoddard (Professor of English)
1992   Peter Bailey (Professor of English)
1993   Allen Rogerson (Emeritus Professor of Biology)
1994   Tom Greene (Professor of Psychology)
1995   Dorothy Hall (Emeritus Associate Professor of Sport and Leisure Studies)
1996   Valerie Lehr (Professor of Government)
1997   Natalia Singer (Associate Professor of English)
1998   Loraina Ghiraldi (Associate Professor of Psychology)
1999   Ronald Flores (Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Community-Based Learning)
2000   Betsy Cogger Rezelman (Associate Professor of Fine Arts – posthumously)
2001   Catherine Crosby-Currie (Associate Professor of Psychology)
2002   Joan Larsen (Head of Reference and Instructional Services/ODY Library)
2003   Laura Rediehs (Assistant Professor of Philosophy)
2004   Liz Regosin (Associate Professor of History and Director of Academic Advising)
2005   R. Danielle Egan (Assistant Professor of Sociology)
2006   Margaret Kent Bass (Associate Professor of English)
2007   Traci Fordham-Hernandez (Assistant Professor of PCA)
2008   John Collins (Associate Professor of Global Studies)
2009   Marina Llorente (Associate Professor of Modern Languages)
2010   Kirk Fuoss (Maurer Director of Rhetoric & Communication and Associate Professor of PCA)
2011   Martha Chew-Sanchez (Associate Professor of Global Studies)
2012   Mehretab Abye Assefa (Associate Professor of Sociology)
2013   Cheryl Stuntz (Associate Professor of Psychology)
2014   Catherine Tedford (Director of the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery)
2015   Mary Hussman (Associate Professor of English)
2016   Mary Jane Smith (Associate Professor of History)
2017   Eric Williams-Bergen (Director of Digital Initiatives)
2018   Sarah Gates (Craig Professor of English)
2019   Elun Gabriel (Associate Professor of History & Associate Dean of Academic Advising)

2020   Sarah Barber (Associate Dean for the First Year & Associate Professor of English)
2021   Ed Harcourt (Charles A. Dana Professor of Computer Science)
2022   Jennifer Thomas (Associate Professor of Performance & Communication Arts and Associate Dean of the  First Year)
2023 Evelyn Jennings, Elizabeth Margaret Vilas Professor of History and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs