Frank P. Piskor Lectureship Award

Established in 1979 in honor of Dr. Frank P. Piskor, who served as president of the university for 12 years. The Lectureship's purpose is to encourage and recognize original and continuing research and scholarship among the faculty and to afford the faculty the opportunity to share their learning with the academic community.

Piskor Award Recipients

1980   Thomas B. Coburn (Assistant Professor of Religious Studies)
1981   L. Richard Guarasci (Assistant Professor of Government)
1982   Donald Auster (Professor of Sociology)
1983   Thomas L. Berger (Professor of English)
1984   Glen R. Harris (Associate Professor of Environmental Studies)
1985   Lawrence Baron (Associate Professor of History)
1986   Elizabeth L. Kahn (Associate Professor of Fine Arts)
1987   Laura N. O'Shaughnessy (Associate Professor of Government)
1988   Paul H. Connett (Assistant Professor of Chemistry)
1989   George L. Frear (Professor of Religious Studies)
1990   Neil L. Waters (Associate Professor of History)
1991   David H. Richardson (Dana Professor of Economics)
1992   Stephen D. Papson (Associate Professor of Sociology)
1993   D. Bruce Conn (Associate Professor of Biology)
1994   Richard J. Kuhta (University Librarian)
1995   Eve W. Stoddard (Associate Professor of Economics)
1996   Allen C. Rogerson (Professor of Biology)
1997   Sidney L. Sondergard (Associate Professor of English)
1998   Celia Nyamweru (Associate Professor of Anthropology)
1999   Steven Horwitz (Associate Professor of Economics)
2000   Kirk Fuoss (Associate Professor of Speech & Theatre)
2001   David E. Hornung (Dana Professor of Biology)
2002   Judith DeGroat (Dana Professor of History)
2003   Karen Johnson (Priest Associate Professor of Physics)
2004   J. Ansil Ramsay (Munsil Professor of Government)
2005   Duncan Melville (Professor of Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics)
2006  Andrea Nouryeh (Associate Professor of Speech & Theatre)
2007   R. Danielle Egan (Associate Professor of Gender Studies)
2008   Steven White (Professor of Modern Languages & Literature)
2009   Jeffrey T. Young (Hepburn Professor of Economics)
2010   Melissa A. Schulenberg (Associate Professor of Fine Arts)
2011   Bruce I. Weiner (Professor of English)
2012   Aswini Pai (Associate Professor of Biology)
2013   Marina Llorente (Associate Professor of Modern Languages & Literature)
2014   Shinu Abraham (Associate Professor of Anthropology)
2015   Alan Draper (Professor of Government)
2016   Donna Alvah (Associate Professor of History)
2017   Paul Graham (Professor of English)
2018   John Rosales (Professor of Environmental Studies)
2019   Daniel M. Look (Rutherford Associate Professor of Mathematics)
2022   John Collins (Professor of Global Studies)
2023   Pedro Ponce (William L. Fox Associate Professor of Public Health and Associate Professor of English)