Current and Previous Tanner Fellowship Recipients


Isaiah Albright ‘23
Soft-power and the Irish State: Leveraging Diaspora

Sara Christensen ‘23
Unpacking the “Ugly” in Europe

Cora Ferguson ‘23
Finding our space in science: A closer look marginalization in STEM and building a community for undergraduate students on a similar path 

Enmity Field ‘24
Entering Game Design, Creation for Recreation

Wejden Jemmezi ‘25

Aaron Levy ‘23
Inspiring the uninspired

Yuchen Liang ‘23
China's "Involuted Generation" in Education

Billie McClosky ‘24
An Interactive Map of Cultural Jordan: A photojournalistic approach to increasing accessibility of Arabic Language and Culture for St. Lawrence University students


Nishal Basnet ’23  
Promoting Language Access in the Refugee and Immigrant Community in Syracuse, New York       

Stefan Dragićević ’22
Random Walks on Undirected Graphs

Gabriela Ferreyra ’22  
Mini-Documentary on Bolivian Mining Women

Alexandra Hill ’23  
The Mathematical Analysis of Mental Health in Literature

Xiao Luo ’22  
Stray Animals Map of Chengdu, China

Brenda Rubio ’21  
Seeds for Her


Quinn Bermingham ‘22
Music and Writing As One

Hae Chang Seong ‘20
Ways to prevent further fetal ZIKV infection during post-maternal infection

Paul-Hudson Erwin ‘21
Street Art’s Response to the COVID-19 Situation in New York City

Jenny Henneberry ‘21
Museum Representations of Irish Identity & Nationalism


Abigael Ajuma ‘21

McKael B. Barnes ‘20
How Can Strangers Appear Familiar with the Mere Stroke of a Paintbrush?

Daylan Salmeron Gomez ‘20
Salamer: A Chinese Tale of the West Lake

Emma Griffith ‘21
Smith Island, Spoken: A Collection of Stories from Maryland’s Vanishing Island

Svetlana Kononenko ‘21
Gestures on the Mountain of Languages: Exploration of manual languages in mountain villages of Adygea and Karachay-Cherkessia.

Ryan Schlosser ‘21
Appalachian Trail Podcast

Eric Tecce ‘20
Rural Healthcare Facilities: CARE Homes

Fikiswa Tsabedze ‘20
The Performance of Gender in Trinidad Carnival and the Use of Female Bodies as an Act Against Patriarchal Structures


John (Jack) Christensen '18
SYE Narrative Nonfiction Essays

Ian Erlichman '20
Experiential Journalism

Rachel Madore '19
Assistant Biomedical Researcher at Yale-New Haven Hospital

Hannah Markey '19
Hawkers Market Girls Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

Katie Palmer '19
SLU Library Special Collections Work with Paul Doty

Sam Schwarz '20
All Hands and Hearts Internship

Vivian Susko '20
Learned in Translation: An Ethnographic Research and Digital Media Proposal in Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia

Nicholas Trace '19
The Agenda of the Underground-Stickers as Silent and Subversive Political Agitators


Eliza Koso '18
An Internship Molded Perfectly for Me: Youwei Library in Sanmen, Zhejiang, China

Austen Sprake '18
Participation in the American Pavilion Cannes Film Program

Vina Smith-Ramakrishnan '18
Comparative Ethnography of Women's Healthcare in Rural India and Rural America


Margaret Chandler '17
A Photo Representation of the Work Accomplished by NGOs (non-government organizations) in Burma

Elizabeth Girard '17
Internship with Hospice and Palliative Care of St. Lawrence Valley

Caleb Kessler '18
Examining Iceland's Renewable Energy Infrastructure from Production through Consumption

Connor Pease '17
"Wanderings of a Modern-Day Pilgrim in the Shadow of Mont Blanc"

Raymond "Kiowere" Rourke, Jr. '17
The Iroquois Style of Art

Danielle Schwartz '17
Participate in the 2016 Kenya Summer Abroad program

Emily Terry '17
Internship with Conservation Heritage-Turambe in Rwanda

Kaleigh White '18
Participate in The Light and Leadership Initiative in Lima, Peru


Alexis Brown '16
Comparative Ecology and Phylogenetics of Ectoparasites from Tropical Bats of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Christian Brown '16
River Spanish: The Tahuayo Creole

Moya Rose Cavanagh '16
Art on the Roof of the World: Linking Ladakh and the North Country through Creative Spaces

Jingru (Reena) Hu '17
Summer internship at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, DC

Morgan O'Hare '16
Summer mission program through the Let's Share the Sun Foundation

Samuel Pratt '16
To the Great North West: Conservation in Okanagan Valley

Mia Thomas '16
Summer internship through the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)


Yelyzaveta Bartholomew '15
Goal: To Learn Techniques of Cultural Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution and Apply that Knowledge in an Independent Research Project About the Human Rights Abuses in Ukraine

Xiomalys Crespo '16
Apatridas: Immigration Policy and Racial Dynamics in Hispaniola

Jakob Hand '15
The Welsh in Patagonia: A Research Proposal

Eric McIntyre '15
A Memoir of My Experience on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Jessica Normandeau '15
The Culture of Sustainability: Comparing Agriculture and Tradition in Vermont and Ladakh

April VanOrman '16
A Study of Urban Poverty in India and the United States


Jacqueline Colt '15
Living Simply: Collection of Short Stories, Poems and Essays about North Country Life

Matthew Dudley '14
Agent 13 in the Archives of the Indies

Courtney Goodridge '15
I Am Because of Them: A Memoir and Video Archive Examining the Influences of Family on Personality

Dolma Lama '14
Comparison of the Impact of Tourism in the Mustang District of Nepal vs the Manang District of Nepal

Robert Montgomery '14
Neath the Purple Shadows: Essays from Hiking the Adirondack 46

Sarah Moore '14 and Madeline Garnett '14
Internship through the Tanzanian Natural Resource Fund in Arusha, Tanzania, Kenya

Matthew Shoen '14
Middle Tennessee and the Selectivity of American Civil War Memory

Madeline Wetterhahn '15
Diabetes Prevention Through Holistic Self-Management: Improving Program Retention and Participation Through Yoga and Nutrition Education


Allison Baier '14
Psychological Acoustics: The Effect of Music Therapy on the Mental Health of Orphaned Ghanaian Children

Shaneequa Castle '13
"Overstand" A Deeper Understanding of the Dancehall Culture

Tzintzun Aguilar Izzo '15
The Pozos Art Project: Intercultural and Artistic Exchange in Pozos Mexico

Allison Talbot '14
Write It Forward


Kate M. Holby '12
Diversity at SLU

Sonya C. Krakoff '12
Write collection of creative non-fiction essays

Lauren R. Liebhaber '12
The Opposition of Family Legacy and Personal Pursuit: A Look at the Effects of Individualism on a Family Business

Thahitun Mariam '12
Islam in India: Observing Post-Communal Riots Effect in Muslim Communities

Raymond Price IV '13
Scouting's Segregation: The Role of Coeducation in the World Scout Movement

Jermaine L. Xaba '12
Diversity at SLU


Lauren E. Bennett '11
Internship at the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga Springs

Brijlal Chaudhari '10
Traveling in western Nepal to study the success of integrating former Maoist rebels into the armed forces of Nepal as called for by the peace agreement between the rebels and the Nepalese government

Jonathan A. Ignatowski '12
Creating a written and photographic essay of the geographical and cultural wealth of Chili, NY, which is threatened by unregulated development

Chelsea S. McKenzie '11
Comparing hula dance with Maori haka dance by field study on-site in New Zealand

John A. Vari '12
Writing a collection of short stories

W. Cameron West '11
Climbing the 46 "high peaks" of the Adirondacks and documenting places and people through photography and writing


Rachel Burke '10
Project: Small-Scale Agriculture and Industrial Agriculture; Objective: Measures in Comparing Quality

Melih Cokaygil '11
An Ethnographic Field Study of Kurds in Southeastern Turkey

Tandazani P. Dhlakama '11
Shona Sculpture: How Political Developments in Zimbabwe Have Directed the Artist's Chisel

Leah S. Farrar '11
"Take a Bite": Writing the Gothic Fairy Tale

Fernando T. Gomez '11
Home is Where the Heart Is: Examining Issues of Indian Identity through Indigenous and Colonial Architecture

Khadeeja Hamid '11
Reconceptualizing Development in Rural India

William P. Mosenthal '11
Internship in physiology lab at Dartmouth Medical School, research in respiration control


Meredith G. Atkinson '09
Funding to write short stories for future publication

Adriana Cordero Calderόn '09
Reconstructing Costa Rican History through Ethnomusicology

April K. Costa '09
Research on obligate army ant following birds in the Peruvian Rainforest

Chloe A. LaFrance '09
Attend creative writing workshop to create manuscript

Yuki Poudyal '09
Living at Crossroads: Stories of Street Children in Nepal

Katie A. Powers '09
Conduct research concerning the coastal environmental issue of shoreline erosion along the Eastern Seaboard


Julia M. Collins '10
The Impacts of El Nino and Tourism on the Indigenous Pinniped Population in the Galapagos Islands

Craig J. Conroy '10
Funding to make a movie

John N. Deschermeier '09
Funding to produce a Fly-Fishing Manual

Dipesh Mainali '09
China's "Go West" Policy and Nepal

Matthew J. Spaulding '08
A Visual Narrative of Environmental Conservation Efforts on the Chesapeake Bay


Tendayi M. Chakanyuka '09
The White Sheep of the Black Flock: Race Relations in Post-Independence Zimbabwe

Shreya A. Kamath '08
A Journey of Spiritual and Artistic Self-Discovery Through the Art of Mandala-making in Dharamsala, India


Emily M. Fox '06
Volunteering at Wings of Hope, Haiti

Amy S. Griffin '06
Archaeological Fieldwork in Schoharie, NY

Stephanie M. Lusk '06
A Dream of Glorious Return: Culture and Identity in Art of the Tibetan Diaspora


Jennifer L. Lord '05
A study of Nahuatl culture through the poetry of Pablo Antonio Cuadra

Neema N. Mawiyoo '07
Protest Music Ten Years Before and Ten Years after 1994: A Turning Point in South Africa's Music Scene

Kerry E. O’Keefe '05
Assessing Inequity in Underserved Rural and Urban Socio-Economic Areas

Camille A. Partin '06
Research Regional Geology of Iceland

Christine D. Ranney '05
Assessing Inequity in Underserved Rural and Urban Socio-Economic Areas


Jessica A. Baker '04
Completion of her novel: Nirvana According to Gillian

Jennifer L. Godin '04
Working as a victim advocate with the Victim Assistance Unit of Franklin County

Nicolette J. Oleng' '05
The role of Aboriginal women in Australian society


Alexei S. Boulokhov ‘03
East of the Rainbow: Queer Studies and Film making in Eastern Europe

Lacie A. Gregoire ‘03
Working with terminally ill children and their families through the Make A Wish Foundation and the Dream Day Camp, Cape Cod

Kristine Harootunian ‘03
Maori Art in New Zealand

William S. Kean ‘04
Study of the endangered Blanding's Turtle


Antje Baumann '02
Around the World: A Musical for Children

Timothy D. Bouchard '04
Create a Book of Photographs of Lake Umbagog, Cambridge, NH

Ogniana H. Hristova '02
Democratization in the Post-Communist State of Bulgaria: A Political, Economic and Social Drama in Progress

Peter K. Theroux ‘02
Ecotourism and Sustainable Development in Nepal


Brad Bassi '01
Magpie River Expedition

Jennifer A. Lorence '03
Entering the 21st Century: A Look at Specific Leukemias and Bone Marrow Transplantation

Todd Matte '01
Artist Installation in Vietnam

Michael McDonell '01
Magpie River Expedition

Hannah T. Miller '02
Greek Archaeology

Colin T. Sullivan '01
Michael Chekhov Theater Institute Workshop

Amanda Watters '02
Research of Jain Religious Communities in the United States


Brian Banton '00
Cultural Immersion and Language Study in Guatamala

Rocky Crockett '00
Study of Sadhus (holy men) in India

Jennifer Kilgore '00
Teaching English to Latin American Students in Puerto Rico and Los Angeles

Sarah Scheiber '01
Attend the first Civil Society Conference in The Hague

Steven Vose '01
Field Research with Bonpo Communities Living in Exile in Nepal


Andrew Crawford '99
Appropriate/Sustainable Technology at Aprovecho Research Center

Francis Musyoki '99
Assisting Destitute Children at Mukuru Promotion Center, Kenya


Sara Hommel '99
Bosnia, working with children orphaned by war

Naiyah Yisrael '98
Young Adults of the United States and the Caribbean Practicing of Non-Traditional Religions


Cristina Pridie '99
Deviations from the Linguistic norm in the language of French urban youth


Noelle Evertt '98
Summer writing project in Canajoharie, NY