Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Scholar Recipients


Audrey Bowman ‘24

Leana Dickhens ‘24
Developing Chemical Reactions: Intercepting the Wagner-Jauregg Intermediate

Hope Donoghue ‘24
What Characterizes a Winning Combination? Network Analysis using Sports Data

Bella Kennedy ‘24
Using Tree-Ring Science to Evaluate a Remote-Sensing Landslide Model: Glennallen Region, Alaska

Alexandra Hill ‘23
The Interaction Between Mental Health and Positionality in Literature: A Mathematical Analysis

Nika Husinec ‘23
Habitat Distribution and Sediment Composition of Jamaican Windward Lagoons

Melinda Barath ‘24
Investigation into Use of Different Techniques in Copepod Pigment Extraction

Grace Bridge ‘24
"You're a [Data] Wizard, Harry!" - A Data Science Approach to Analyzing the Harry Potter series

Grace Cicchinelli ‘23
Denoising Protein Images with Deep Learning

Laura Bolduc ‘24
Using Game Camera Images to Build a Training Set and Identify Animal Presence


Caroline Bell ‘22
How Deeply Do Different Polarizations of Light Penetrate the Skin?

Rae Dunbar ‘22
Exploring the Fundamentals of Plastic Degradation: A First Step in Cleaning Up Our Waters

Catherine Leberman ‘22
The Plastic Problem: Poisoning Our Own Water Sources

Stephanie Sauve ‘22
Investigation of the Stability of Coral Fluorescent Proteins


Eloise Bellingham ‘21
Revealing Trends in Natural and Anthropogenic Processes Using River Discharge Fluctuation in North America

Morgan Cappa ‘21
Statistical Analysis of the Representation of Women in the U.S. Television Show, The Office

Caroline Krall ‘21
Music and Emotion in Shiny

Allison Krauss ‘21
Bringing Technology Into the Organic Chemistry Lab: QR codes and Step-by-Step Instructional Videos

Sky Ratcliffe ‘21
Mathematical Art and Artistic Mathematics: M.C Escher and the 17 Wallpaper Groups

Autumn Sherman ‘23
Special Cases of Crossing Numbers

Rachel Siegel ‘21
Mechanism determination of Ruthenium based TNT Sensor

Gretchen Wambach ‘21
Mechanism determination of Ruthenium based TNT Sensor


Abigail Collins ‘20
An Investigation of the Applications of Cluster Analysis in the Field of Dendrochronology

Gabrielle Collins ‘20
An Investigation into the Linear Algebra properties of Design-Weighted Regression Adjusted Plus-Minus

Kirsten Gehl ‘20
Using GIS and LiDAR Technologies to compose a comprehensive visual database of bedrock structures; St. Lawrence County, NY

Therese Lupariello ‘20
Simulating the Alaskan Driftwood Phenomenon

Deryn Makowski ‘20
Cataloging of Romey Rock Samples

Nicole Panek ‘20
Using Complex Graph Theory to Analyze the Probability of Silica Geometries for Use in Artificial Photosynthesis Research