CITI Program Training Instructions for Faculty, Staff & Student Researchers

1.  Navigate to the CITI Program website:

2.  Select "Register" from the front page (upper right).

2.  (Step 1) Type in "St. Lawrence University" and select it

3.  Click "I agree" and "I affirm..."

4.  Click "Continue to Create Your CITI Program Username/Password"  (ignore "Independent Learner Registration")

5.  (Step 2) Fill in your name and email

6.  (Step 3) Create your username and password

7.  Select Security Question and provide your Security Answer

8.  (Step 4) Country of Residence (e.g., United States).  Answer "No" to the question about them contacting you.

9.  (Step 5) Answer "NO" to Continuing Education Unit (CE).  Skip the next question.  

10.  (Step 6) In the next section, the only items you must respond to are "Institutional Email Address," "Department," and "Role in Research."  Select the role that seems to fit best your reason for completing the CITI Program training.

11.  (Step 7) Curriculum
        a. Question 1: Choose the appropriate category, which will most often be either Social-Behavioral-Educational Student Researchers or Social-Behavioral-Educational Faculty-Staff Researchers.  STUDENTS: Be sure to select the Student Researcher  version or you will get the Faculty-Staff course, which is longer.
        b. Question 2: Select "All researchers (RCR)"
        c.  Question 3: If you are not a PSYC 205 student, select "Not at this time" (at the bottom of the list).  PSYC 205 Students: Select "I work with Rats, Genus: Rattus" 
        d.  Question 4: Select "Not at this time"

NOTE: You may also see an option of adding COVID-related courses to your account.  You can choose to add these or not.  The St. Lawrence IRB does not require completion of any of CITI's COVID-related courses.

12.  Click "Complete Registration"

13.  On the welcome page, click on "Finalize Registration"

14.  On the Institutional Courses page, click on "View Courses" for your St. Lawrence Courses

15.  Click on the course you wish to work on.  Most individuals will see two courses: RCR and the Student or Faculty-Staff version of the Social-Behavioral-Educational Researchers course.  PSYC 205 Students: Additionally, you will see the "Working with Rats in Research Settings - Lab Animal Research" and "Working with the IACUC - Lab Animal Research" courses.  

16.  For each course, you must "Complete The Integrity Assurance Statement before beginning the course". Click that you agree.

Students in PSYC 205: Research Methods in Psychology

You must complete the 2 required modules in the "All researchers (RCR)" course plus two RCR supplemental modules: "Using Animal Subjects in Research" (ID: 13301) and "Research Involving Human Subjects" (ID: 13566).

You must complete the 5 required modules in the "Social-Behavioral-Educational Student Researchers" course.

You must complete the first 4 modules in the "Working with Rats in Research Settings - Lab Animal Research" course.

You must complete the first 2 modules in the "Working with the IACUC - Lab Animal Research" course.