Approved Faculty Searches 2022-2023

Newly Approved Tenure Track and Visiting Assistant Professor Faculty Searches in 2021-2022

Following a review of proposals by the Academic Planning Committee and Senior Staff, St. Lawrence will seek to appoint faculty in the full-time faculty positions below for the 2022-2023 academic year (note that these include new approvals for Assistant or Visiting Assistant Professor positions only):

Tenure Track Positions


Economics (three appointments)

Environmental Studies/Public Health



Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics (two appointments)

Performance and Communication Arts (two appointments)

Sociology/Digital Media and Film

Visiting Positions

Digital Media and Film

Environmental Studies


Global Studies (two appointments)


History/Religious Studies

Public Health

World Languages, Cultures, and Media/Digital Media and Film (two appointments)

World Languages, Cultures, and Media/Caribbean, Latin American, and Latino Studies