St. Lawrence Honors Retirees, Anniversaries | St. Lawrence University

St. Lawrence Honors Retirees, Anniversaries

St. Lawrence University recognized faculty and staff retirements and celebrated employee anniversaries at a ceremony held on Wednesday, April 18, in Eben Holden.

President William L. Fox ’75 recognized those retiring and employees celebrating 25 years of service.

Faculty Retirements:

  • Michael G. Alzo, director of libraries, ODY Library   
  • Calvin “Fred” Exoo, professor, Government
  • Ning Gao, associate professor, Chemistry
  • Carolyn “Carrie” Johns, professor, Environmental Studies
  • Karen D. O’Neil, associate professor, Sociology
  • Eve W. Stoddard, Dana professor, Global Studies
  • Robert Thacker, Dana profess, Canadian Studies and English
  • Godwin “Obiora” Udechukwu, Dana professor, Art and Art History
  • Jeffrey T. Young, Hepburn professor, Economics

Administrative and Staff Retirements:

  • Nancy B. Alessi, administrative secretary, Canadian & Environmental Studies
  • Cynthia Y. Atkins, director, Dining & Conference Services
  • Deborah M. Bagnato, senior clerk, Mail Center
  • Margaret Barkley, Mathematics & Chemistry
  • Thomas N. Bessette, skilled trades, Heating Plant
  • Nancy J. Bovay, administrative secretary, Academic Affairs
  • Richard Briggs, skilled trades, Heating Plant
  • Thomas A. Cameron, custodian, Facilities Operations
  • Tammy J. Campbell, Dining & Conference Services
  • Darlene D. Dawley, Warehouse clerk, Facilities Operations
  • Denise A. Dingman, library assistant, ODY Library
  • Macreena A. Doyle, director of employee recruitment, training & affirmative action, Human Resources
  • Richard Flanagan, skilled trades, Heating Plant
  • Lorna Foote, dining services leader, Dining & Conference Services
  • Colleen Friot, administrative secretary, English
  • Terry S. Friot, manager of software maintenance and development, Information Technology
  • Karen E. Goolden, custodian, Facilities Operations
  • Valerie W. Ingram, director of donor relations, Advancement
  • Karen A. Kitchen, administrative secretary, Business Office
  • Gregory Locke, receiving and storage, Dining & Conference Services
  • Rita K. McCollum, administrative secretary, History
  • Mark C. McMurray, university archivist, ODY Library
  • Michael McSorley, skilled trades, Facilities Operations
  • Thomas B. Meade, principle clerk, Brewer Bookstore
  • John M. Meagher, Disability and Accessibility Services
  • Patricia Munt, ODY Library
  • Wairimu Ndirangu, Kenya Semester Program director, International & Intercultural Studies
  • Theresa M. O'Reilly, administrative secretary, ODY Library
  • Ruta Ozols, warehouse manager, Campus Support Services
  • Ruth Perry, custodian, Facilities Operations
  • Julia R. Pomainville, specialist, Art and Art History
  • Laura Ramsey, principle clerk, Dining & Conference Services
  • Donna M. Schaab, alumni volunteer program coordinator, Admissions
  • Richard B. Scott, assistant director of HVAC and utilities, Facilities Operations
  • Deborah J. Sheldon, food service generalist, Dining & Conference Services
  • Paul T. Stowe, senior programmer, Information Technology
  • Vickie L. Strate, administrative secretary, Dining & Conference Services
  • Janet L. Torres, peer tutor coordinator, Academic Advising
  • Philip J. Trivilino, manager network infrastructure, Information Technology
  • Thadine Wight, specialist, International & Intercultural Studies
  • Sharon A. Wilson, food service generalist, Dining & Conference Services
  • Denise M. York, food service generalist, Dining & Conference Services

Employees Celebrating 25 years of Service

  • David Geleta, associate director, Dining & Conference Services
  • William E. McGuinness, food service generalist, Dining & Conference Services
  • Richard C. Sprague, library assistant, ODY Library
  • Pamela S. Taylor, food service generalist, Dining & Conference Services
  • Christine Zimmerman, director, Institutional Research