Summer 2019 Dates to Know | St. Lawrence University New Laurentian Guide

Summer 2019 Dates to Know


May 30: Completed FYP College Preference, Housing Assignment Profile, and Academic Interest Forms due in the Admissions Status Page.


mid-June: North Country Pre-Trip acceptance notifications will be e-mailed (check your SLU email).  Contact Student Activities at 315-229-5757 for questions.


late June to early July: Invitations sent for Regional Summer Send-Off Events. For more information and to register online please visit:


early to mid-July: Housing and First-Year Program college placement and roommate (if applicable) and faculty advisor assignment released. Check your SLU email!


early to mid-July: Coaches contact athletes planning to participate in fall intercollegiate sports with information about the pre-season, including approved early move-in date and time (where applicable).


July 10-July 23: Summer Advising and Course Registration. Check your SLU email for more information and get in touch with your faculty advisor to prepare for registration.


July 20: Student Health Forms due. Complete these by logging into Medicat or following the link to Medicat in Slate. A $50 late fee is applied to late forms.


Wednesday, July 24: Course Registration (in APR2) opens for FY students at 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time. Log into APR2 to register for your fall semester courses. Registration remains open until 12 noon on Tuesday, August 27.

Tuesday, July 30:  APR2 is closed all day to prepare for lab registration.

Wednesday, July 31:  APR2 reopens at 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time. Lab Registration for biology, chemistry, and other introductory-level science courses with labs opens.


mid-August: Some fall athletic teams arrive on campus—check with your coach for more information.


mid-August: International FY students arrive on campus—check your SLU email for more information.


Wednesday, August 21: Accepted North Country Pre-Trip students arrive and move into their dorms—check your SLU email for arrival time and details. Call 315-229-5757 with any questions.


Sunday, August 25: Move-In Day, Matriculation, and the first day of New Student Orientation! All FY students should arrive on campus and move into their dorms; international students, students on pre-trips, and some fall sport athletes will have already arrived.

Family Orientation lasts from 10:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, when families must depart.

Student Orientation runs 3 full days from August 25-27. Other orientation programming follows  August 30-September 6.


Tuesday, August 27: FYP classes meet for the first day.

Wednesday, August 28: All other fall classes begin.

Go to the Academic Calendar for more info on key dates for the fall semester after orientation and your arrival on campus.