Fuel Card | St. Lawrence University Facilities Operations

Fuel Card

University Fleet Vehicles are issued to certified drivers with a fuel card for refueling. Certified drivers are required to acknowledge, on the fleet vehicle reservation form, that they understand how to use the fuel card.

For an instructional video on use of the fuel card please view the following short video produced by the vendor: http://www.fleetcarddirect.com/driverinstructions/

Fuel Card Steps are as follows:

  1. Driver inserts card into pump or attendant swipes the card in the station
  2. Driver inputs odometer
  3. Driver inputs last 4 digits of SLU Vehicle ID #

Please remember the following guidelines when using the fuel card:

  • Only refuel the vehicles with regular grade gasoline
  • Do not give your ID number to anyone except a station attendant or a Customer Service Representative
  • All receipts must be returned to Facilities Operations
  • Do not include tenths of miles in your odometer reading
  • The fuel card is branded Sunoco; however, it is accepted at over 90% of gas stations in the USA and most of Canada

In the event the fuel card is ever lost or stolen, immediately contact Marcus Sherburn x5610