Scope of Services | St. Lawrence University Facilities Master Plan

Scope of Services

Using the Strategic Map and the Climate Action Plan as overarching guiding documents, the St.Lawrence FMP will have an impact on essentially all physical revisions and improvements of the campus. It will address a wide range of issues and speak to a wide range of audiences with different interests. Items to be incorporated as part of the final St.Lawrence FMP shall include the separate but related studies and analyses listed below. The St.Lawrence FMP document, recognizing the unique natural character of the Canton area, the academic program and space needs of St.Lawrence, growth during the past 10 years and projected for the future, and the larger financial context (including both operational and capital budgets) will evaluate and make future recommendations for:

  • Land use
  • Land acquisition, disposition, and potential campus boundary changes
  • Off Campus rental housing,
  • University Inn
  • Canaras Conference Center on Upper Saranac Lake
  • Golf facility
  • Building conditions and remaining useful life (i.e. facility condition assessment)
  • Delineation of distinct campus districts and appropriate development opportunities and constraints within each area
  • Space use based on a space assessment
  • Campus image and identity
  • Campus gateways and wayfinding opportunities
  • Access and circulation (including pedestrian, bicycle, emergency, delivery, local bus service, and service)
  • Parking (including capacity and distribution)
  • Building opportunities and siting locations (including envelope and capacity parameters)
  • Open space, recreation and athletics
  • Utilities and infrastructure (including condition, proximity, location, and capacity) for existing campus support and relative to future campus growth.
  • Housing demand, capacity, quality, location, style, market context/client expectations, and condition
  • Sustainability and stewardship opportunities
  • Carbon reduction/neutrality, renewable energy
  • Financial and life-cycle (first cost, life expectancy, and operating costs) considerations in physical plant management
  • Physical security and personal safety for students, employees and visitors
  • Potential development priorities, project sequencing, and phasing opportunities for major new buildings, building remodeling, infrastructure and site improvements
  • Potential physical and programmatic relationships between the campus and village of Canton
  • Campus Site and Architectural Design Guidelines with supporting Universal Design components
  • Other opportunities and constraints


The entire master planning process will be a collaborative process that solicits input, stimulates discussion and creates a sense of ownership of the master plan by St. Lawrence University, the community and region. This will require input from the St. Lawrence administration, faculty, staff, students and alumni; Village of Canton, Town of Canton, and St. Lawrence County stakeholders, and others on a regular basis and in a variety of formats (e.g., public information meetings, input sessions, workshops, and interactive internet websites).
The consultant will be expected to manage information gathering from, and facilitate numerous highly interactive forums with, a variety of stakeholders including:

  • Students
  • Faculty, Academic Staff
  • Administration
  • Alumni
  • Village of Canton
  • St. Lawrence County
  • Commercial and Residential Neighbors

It is anticipated that an Advisory Committee comprised of a cross-section of campus stakeholders will serve as the guiding entity for decision making. The consultant will recommend an optimum structure with through which information will be gathered and processed; input synthesized; and implementation strategies identified.
The plan must speak to a large and diverse audience that may include:

  • Campus representatives
  • Guiding campus planning decisions
  • Supporting instructional and housing needs and other strategic priorities
  • Improving the physical campus environment
  • Maintaining current and future buildings and utilities
  • Board of Trustees and St. Lawrence University Senior Staff
  • Evaluating proposed campus projects
  • Building campus and SLU identity
  • Evaluating proposed campus projects
  • Management of Capital Budget funds
  • Village of Canton and St. Lawrence County
  • Sharing intended campus development information with local government and businesses
  • Strengthening the synergy and relationships between the campus and surrounding neighborhoods, businesses and community
  • Campus community and prospective students, faculty and staff
  • Ensuring stakeholders of a coherent, comprehensive physical campus identity and future vision
  • Sharing of future campus development guidance