Programming | St. Lawrence University Center for Teaching and Learning


Mission Statement:
The St. Lawrence University Center for Teaching and Learning promotes improved student learning through facilitating excellence in teaching practices and supporting a wide range of faculty professional development activities. The Center aims to further the creativity, risk-taking, collaboration, and professional renewal among faculty members at all stages in their teaching careers. Specifically, the goals of the Center are to expose faculty to current knowledge and practice regarding teaching and learning; provide a forum for formal and informal exchanges of ideas and expertise; and stimulate, support, and reinforce pedagogies that optimize student learning.

May College:
May College offers an extended period of time for faculty to build upon teaching and learning issues addressed throughout the year by the CTL.  In collaboration with other programs (e.g., FYP, CBL, IT) the CTL coordinates a series of workshops to explore new ideas, share experiences, and enjoy time spent together in earnest conversation about our profession.

Faculty Workshops:
At these workshops throughout the year, faculty come together to discuss pedagogy and related classroom issues and participate in informal discussions led by members of the faculty, IT, and academic staff. 

Presentations and celebrations:
Approximately every other Friday afternoon, faculty and staff members come together for a Faculty Cafe' - an informal presentation of scholarly work, followed by sharing food and beverages and conversation.  The CTL also sponsors "Book Talks" to celebrate the publication of new books by faculty and staff members.

Pedagogy Travel:
The Center for Teaching and Learning offers up to $1,400 annually to full-time tenured and tenure track faculty members, who wish to attend conferences that focus on the development of teaching skills.  Funds are limited, so plan requests accordingly.

Grant Funds:
Full-time visiting, tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply for instructional mini-grants. Guidelines and application forms can be found on the CTL web site.

CTL Hours:
The CTL Conference Room (ODY 145) can be accessed during library hours using you SLU ID card and is a comfortable and quiet space for faculty to think, read, have a quiet conversation, grade or browse our resources. The space can also be reserved through the EMS Reservation System for meetings or events involving faculty and staff.