Senior Year Experience (SYE) | St. Lawrence University Chemistry

Senior Year Experience (SYE)

The senior year experience (SYE) is a capstone course, providing students with the opportunity to discover science and apply learned concepts to a mentored research project. The SYE is a culminating experience for all departmental seniors. The student works on the project throughout the year, and at the end of the year, submits a formal report, and presents the work at a departmental seminar or perhaps at the Festival of Science. The Festival of Science is a time when students (not necessary seniors) from all the sciences get together and present their research to the entire community. It is patterned along the lines of a national or regional scientific meeting with formal presentations, including the subsequent question periods, and poster presentations for students not giving oral presentations.

Opportunities also exist for undergraduate students to participate in research projects & summer internships at other locations during the summer.