Fiscal Year-End Information | St. Lawrence University Business Office

Fiscal Year-End Information

Payment Process after June 30thNew This Year:
In a change from prior years, users will be able to enter requests for payment in the SLU Portal for FY 2019 purchases through Tuesday, July 9th.  In order for the expense to hit the appropriate fiscal year, the requester MUST change the request date to “6/30/19”.  If the expense is for FY 2020, then the requested date should NOT be changed.  After submission, the supporting documentation can be forwarded to the Business Office in accordance with standard procedure.  If an invoice for FY 2019 is received after the July 9th deadline, please contact Janet Rowe in Accounts Payable.

For purchases greater than $1,500 that would normally require a requisition and purchase order, the last day to have a PO issued for FY 2019 is Friday, July 5th.  Purchase orders should be issued before we receive a good or service, so please do not wait until the last minute.  Please contact Sebastian Notaro if you have a purchase for FY 2019 after July 5th that would normally require a PO for special processing instructions.  Payments to be charged to FY 2020 can be processed in accordance with standard purchasing procedures

Credit Card Purchases and CentreSuite
Please code all purchasing and travel card transactions in CentreSuite by July 8th.  Please note that transactions are generally available to review in CentreSuite within a day or two of occurrence.  Expenses for travel occurring before June 30th will be charged to the appropriate budget for the year ending 6/30/19.  Expenses for travel that will occur after June 30th should be charged to the prepaid expense account 1-00-00-00000-15500.  Please let Janet Rowe know which account these expenses will then be charged to in the new fiscal year beginning July 1.

Important Dates

7/1 – First day of FY 2020

7/1 @ 4 PM – Deadline for 7/3 AP check run

7/4 – Business Office Closed

7/8 – All credit card transactions to be coded in CentreSuite

7/9 – All FY 2019 invoices processed for payment


The Business Office staff recommends that all employees with responsibilities for university accounts review activity posted to such accounts prior to the close of the fiscal year, June 30.  This may be done by logging onto the SLU portal and selecting “Financial Information”, then “Budget Summary”.   Questions pertaining to requisitions and encumbrances should be directed to Brooke Moreau in Purchasing and questions pertaining to actual accounting transactions (reported in the column labeled Actual) may be directed to Scarlett Cameron.