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Peace Studies

About Our Program

What does peace mean? What is true justice? In our peace studies program, we work to help you answer those questions as we study historical cases of successful nonviolent resolution of conflicts, learn how to cultivate inner and outer peace, and explore the potential for nonviolent methods of building social, political and economic justice.

Our peace studies minor emboldens you to explore topics like environmental issues, problems of political discourse and divisiveness, racial tensions in the U.S., and educational reform. This interdisciplinary program will change the way you view the world and your role in it, as well as prepare you to plan for and work for change where you see it’s needed most.

Program Offerings

  • Minor


Learning Experiences to Prepare for Your Career

Your peace studies minor will greatly enhance your leadership and communication skills, especially your ability to listen and collaborate with others. You’ll analyze opportunities and develop skills that will empower you to lead in conflict situations and engage in difficult conversations.

Senior Capstone Seminar 

An important piece to your peace studies minor will take you through a workshop called “Envisioning a Positive Future.” You and your classmates will collectively ponder what the world could ideally look like in 25-30 years and then work backwards and put yourselves in the picture at the end. For your individual project, you’ll consider the role you will need to take to help live this better world into being.

Research Opportunities

Take those big questions you have and join most of your classmates by embarking on important research that helps answer them. Recent research conducted by peace studies minors include: 

  • The problematic structure of public school curricula: lack of education about identity, culture, positionality
  • Indigenous Justice: Intersections of Environmental Justice and Reproductive Justice within U.S. Indigenous Communities
  • Nation-Building: Engaging Libyan Youth Post Arab Spring
  • Documentary Songwriting for Multidimensional Justice
  • Non-Violent Action in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Artistic Forms of Resistance

Study Abroad

Developing a better understanding of people, communities, and cultures found around the world is a critical part of the St. Lawrence experience. Choose from more than 30 semester-long programs offered in over 20 international locations, including Kenya, India, and Jordan.


Learn by doing in a real-world environment. Our students intern with a wide range of organizations, including: 

  • Friends of Van Cortlandt Park
  • Project Education South Sudan
  • Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice
  • GardenShare
  • International Center for Religion and Diplomacy
  • U.S. Senate
  • Planned Parenthood of Greater New York

Mediation and Restorative Justice Trainings

Opportunities take place regularly so you can learn how to intervene and resolve conflicts both on your own and in small groups and then put what you learn into practice. A recent peace studies minor was so inspired by their training that they designed a mediation training program for a local school.

Among the 150+ clubs and organizations at St. Lawrence, you’ll find ways to get involved with issues and organizations you care about most and collaborate with others to facilitate change. Popular clubs include:

  • Advocates
  • Black Student Union
  • Common Ground Connections
  • SLU Buddies
  • Euphrates Club
  • Environmental Action Organization
  • Native American Student Alliance
  • SLU Adaptive
  • Vote Everywhere
  • The Dub (Women’s Resource Center)
  • The Barista

Why St. Lawrence for Peace Studies


Volunteer-producing University

Peace Corps 2019, 2020


Placement Rate

Recent graduates that pursued interdisciplinary programs like peace studies are in high demand


Study Off Campus

Nearly two-thirds of students take advantage of our study abroad and domestic study opportunities

Unlimited Access

As a St. Lawrence student, you’ll amplify your education with free access to reputable news sources like:

  • The New York Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post
  • Access World News

Peace studies students recently attended:

  • The Johns Hopkins University (International Studies)
  • Université de Rouen (Environmental and Biodiversity Management)
  • University of Denver (International Studies)
  • University of London (Marketing)
  • University of San Diego (Peace Studies)
  • Syracuse University (Philosophy)
  • Hertie School of Governance (Public Policy)


Study More Than One Discipline

St. Lawrence students often double major, add a minor or two, or even create their own interdisciplinary program

Recent peace studies students were hired by:

  • Westerly Land Trust
  • Peace Corps
  • Hillside Health and Rehabilitation
  • The Opportunity Alliance
  • The Aspen Institute

More Program Information

Program Requirements & Courses

Explore peace studies minor requirements, as well as related offerings from departments across campus.

Complementary and Related Programs

In addition to Peace Studies 100 and a senior capstone course, peace studies minors are required to take three or more courses cross-listed from these related academic departments and programs.

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Davis Projects for Peace

Nearly every year, at least one St. Lawrence student is awarded a Davis Project for Peace grant that gives them the opportunity to bring their ideas for building peace to life. Recent successful proposals include the renovation of a maternity unit in Timor-Leste and building a bathroom with hot water facilities for disabled people in Ladakh.

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