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Early Decision

When You Know, You Know

You’ve done your research, toured campus, interviewed with an Admissions Counselor, or connected with a student or two. You know St. Lawrence is the place for you and you’re ready to finish the college search process early. That means you’re ready to apply Early Decision (ED). As an Early Decision applicant, you’ll receive your decision letter within four to five weeks of your completed application being submitted (after Nov. 1).

The St. Lawrence application is all you need to apply. Create a user account within our SLU portal to keep track of your admissions materials and find details about the next steps. 

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You may also choose to apply using the Common Application.

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How You Know We're the Best Choice For You

Maybe you know there’s something special in store for you here, but you just need a little help trusting your gut. If any of these feel familiar, you’re a perfect candidate for Early Decision.

Laurentians in hammocks

You loved everything about St. Lawrence on your visit.

You could already see yourself grabbing lunch with friends in the dining hall, studying in the Student Center, or exploring the trails around campus. 

When your visit ended, you couldn’t wait to come back.

Just the thought of seeing the view of the Chapel from Romoda Drive as you arrive back on campus for move-in day makes you feel excited!

You clicked with a campus club or organization.

You can see yourself thriving among the rich and vibrant mix of co-curricular options and academic opportunities at St. Lawrence.

Class being taught on mountain top

You loved our location.

You're eager to embark on epic outdoor adventures and can't wait to explore the rivers, trails, mountains, and waterfalls in our backyard.

People sitting in chairs talking

You're inspired by our alumni network.

As a Laurentian, you’ll have access to one of the top-ranked alumni networks in the nation. You’re excited to connect with alumni mentors who will help you explore your career interests however they can. 

You connected with a professor who could become a mentor.

You're looking forward to building close relationships with faculty who will challenge, support, and inspire you throughout your academic journey.

The men's varsity 8 rowing team during a competition on the water.

You connected with a coach who understands your potential.

They made you feel welcome, and you know they'll help you grow as an athlete and a person. 

Your Early Decision Checklist

You’re more than a transcript and test score. Our holistic approach to admissions means we consider your academic achievements along with your activities, interests, and aspirations. 

For a full breakdown of what we’re looking for in terms of high school coursework and co-curricular activities, visit Applying to St. Lawrence

We’re thrilled that you can see yourself at St. Lawrence and are confident that it’s the school for you. We wish you the best of luck as you round out your high school experience and look forward to reviewing your application soon. 

Four Myths Busted About Early Decision at St. Lawrence

There are a few things that make our Early Decision process unique, so we’re here to clear up any lingering questions as you decide the best application option for you. 

Myth: Early Decision and Early Action mean the same thing.

They're actually very different, and here's how.

Early Decision is a binding agreement, which means you agree to attend St. Lawrence if you are accepted. This is why we ask that you make this decision carefully and in collaboration with your guidance counselor and parent/guardian. 

Early Action is not binding, and you’ll have until May 1 to make your enrollment decision.

Myth: My financial aid package won’t be as competitive.

Consideration of your financial need and eligibility for merit scholarships is the same whether you apply Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision. 

When you apply Early Decision to St. Lawrence, you’re automatically considered for all applicable merit scholarships. We also approach need-based aid the same way for every student. We recommend you complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon as possible to be considered for additional types of aid. 

Myth: There’s only one deadlineNov. 1.

If you aren’t ready to apply by Nov. 1, you can still apply Early Decision any time between Nov. 1 and Feb. 1. 

This is a process we call “continual review.” We review applications about every four to five weeks during this period. This means less time worrying about deadlines and more time to focus on making your application as strong as it can be. 

Myth: I can’t switch to Early Decision if I've already applied Early Action or Regular Decision. 

You can, and it’s really easy!

If you’ve already applied Regular Decision or Early Action and would like to switch to be considered Early Decision, simply download and sign the Early Decision Agreement. Then, ask your guidance counselor and parent/guardian to sign it, scan it, and send it to our office.


Financial Aid and Scholarships

When you apply Early Decision to St. Lawrence, you’re automatically considered for merit scholarships. To determine eligibility for additional types of aid, complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon as possible.

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