Dr. Donna Alvah

Elizabeth Margaret Vilas Professor in History History Department
Specialty History: Cold War, Social and Cultural Aspects of US Foreign Relations, Childhood and Youth, US Military Abroad, Oral History, Peace Studies

University of California, Davis

University of California, Irvine

Donna Alvah

My scholarship examines interconnections among social and cultural history and histories of the Cold War, US foreign relations, and the US military abroad.  I've published a book on U.S. military families abroad during the early Cold War, and essays on wives of U.S. servicemen in the Philippines before World War II and U.S. policy on military families abroad following the Cold War.  My current scholarship is on children and youth in the Cold War.  I'm also thinking about a project on animal welfare, the culture of meat-eating, and the environment.

My scholarly interests influence the courses I teach: American foreign relations from the colonial era to 1900 (HIST 243), my sophomore and senior seminars on World War II (HIST 200 and HIST 473), the Cold War (HIST 246), the United States since 1941 (HIST 226).

Among the many things I love about St. Lawrence University are the opportunities for intellectual and personal growth, for going out into the world to teach and learn, and for making the world a better place through our courses as well as what we do beyond the classroom.  I enjoy seeing students progress over the years at SLU, and hearing about what they're doing after graduation.

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