Dean's Staff


Dr. Sarah Barber, Associate Dean of the First Year
Mr. Robert Durocher, Director of Athletics
Mr. Geoffrey Falen, Director of Career Connections
Ms. Kimberly B. Flint-Hamilton, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
Dr. Elun Gabriel, Associate Dean for Academic Advising
Dr. Evelyn Jennings, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Dr. Marina Llorente, Associate Dean for International and Intercultural Studies
Ms. Lorie MacKenzie, Associate Dean for Academic Administration and Registrar
Ms. Brenda Papineau, Director of Community Based Learning
Dr. Allie Rowland, Maurer Director of Rhetoric and Communication
Ms. René Thatcher, Director of Service & Outreach
Mr. Eric Williams-Bergen, Director of Digital Initiatives
Ms. Christine Zimmerman, Director of Institutional Research