Graduate General Information

Summer Study at St. Lawrence:
Enroll in summertime graduate study at St. Lawrence during one or more of our three graduate summer sessions, and either in campus-based or online environments. The courses help students gain new knowledge about teaching and learning, and they also help students meet certification requirements in teaching, counseling, and educational leadership. 

At St. Lawrence University we offer:
- Three master of education programs--general studies, educational leadership, counseling and human development.
- Two certificate of advanced standing programs--counseling and educational administration.
- One post-baccalaureate certification program leading to New York State initial teaching certification.

For more information, visit the Graduate Programs page.

Registration begins on Monday, April 23rd.  All students must register via APR 2.0.

Graduate Student Payment Terms
Payment to the University is due upon registration.  Students will not be fully registered until payment is received. Tuition and fee payments may be made in cash or check at the Students Financial Services Office, Student Center. Payment may be made on-line by  electronic check. 

All graduate courses are worth .83 units (the equivalent of three semester hours) unless otherwise indicated.

Course Cancellations
Any regular course with fewer than three students registered at the end of the second day of classes likely will not be continued; if that happens, you can register for another course.

Summerterm Refund Policy
Please contact the Student Financial Services office for details at 315-229-5581. Please note there are non-refundable deposits and fees associated with special programs.

Auditing a Summerterm Course
An (A) with a course description means that course is part of the Community Auditing Program. For details, see Auditing a Summerterm Course on the Undergraduate Registration Information page.